The IDC Discovery Platform Assessment Tool provides a methodology to evaluate your organization's Data Discovery/Big Data Analytics competency.


Give us 3 minutes of your time to complete the short questionnaire, and we will provide you and your colleagues with a maturity benchmark against our maturity framework to evaluate your organization and set a course toward a more effective use of data discovery resources.

You will receive a customized report based on your answers with recommendations for improvement to move up the maturity scale when it comes to discovering the hidden value in ALL of your data and being able to take action on your insights.

Learn more about the IDC methodology below:

When it comes to information management and analysis, the status quo is no longer tenable. That is the key message from line-of-business (LOB), IT, and analytics groups at major organizations across industries. Given the increase in the volume, variety, and velocity of data that organizations need to harness, it is becoming evident that big data and analytics (BDA) projects are not just about managing more data. Rather, BDA is about asking new questions, formulating new hypotheses, and experimenting. Ultimately, a big part of BDA efforts is the use of new analytics techniques on either new data or data that has been combined in new ways.

The assessment tool is designed to measure your organization's current competency with data discovery and related processes across the following four dimensions:

People: technology and analytic skills of staff members, as well as organizational structure and IT, business, and analytics staff interaction.
Process: processes and steps of data preparation and ad-hoc data analysis
Data: characteristics of data available in your organization to support analytics, data discovery, and decision making.
Technology: appropriateness, applicability, and performance of data discovery software and hardware.

This assessment tool was developed by IDC (sponsored by Teradata).
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