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By rpai in Analytics, Blogroll, Frontline data warehouse, TCO on February 22, 2010


Today Aster took a significant step and made it easier for developers building fraud detection, financial risk management, telco network optimization, customer targeting and personalization, and other advanced, interactive analytic applications.

Along with the release of Aster Data nCluster 4.5, we added a new Solution Partner level for systems integrators and developers.

Why is this relevant?

Recession or no-recession, IT executives are constantly challenged. They are asked to execute strategies based on better analytics and information to improve effectiveness of business processes (customer loyalty, inventory management, revenue optimization, ..), while staying on top of technology-based disruptions and managing (shrinking or flat) IT budgets.

IT organizations have taken on the challenge by building analytics-based offeringsleveraging existing data management skills and increasingly taking advantage of MapReduce, a disruptive technology introduced by Google and now being rapidly adopted by mainstream enterprise IT shops in Finance, Telco, LifeSciences, Govt. and other verticals.

As MapReduce and big data analytics goes mainstream, our customers and ecosystem partners have asked us to make it easier for their teams to leverage MapReduce across enterprise application lifecycles, while harvesting existing IT skills in SQL, Java and other programming languages. The Aster development team that brought us the SQL-MapReduce® innovation, has now delivered the market’s first integrated visual development environment for developing, deploying and managing MapReduce and SQL-based analytic applications.

Enterprise MapReduce developers and system integrators can now leverage the integrated Aster platform and deliver compelling business results in record time.

We are also teaming up with leaders in our ecosystem like MicroStrategy to deliver an end-to-end analytics solution to our customers that includes SQL/MapReduce enabled reporting and rich visualization. Aster is proud to be driving innovation in the Analytics and BI market and was recently honored at MicroStrategy’s annual customer conference.

I am delighted with the rapid adoption of Aster Data’s platform by our partners and the strong continued interest from enterprise developers and system integrators in building big data applications using Aster. New partners are endorsing our vision and technical innovation as the future of advanced analytics for large data volumes.

Sign up today to be an Aster solution partner and join the revolution to deliver compelling information and analytics-driven solutions.


By Steve Wooledge in Blogroll on February 16, 2010

We’re a couple of days away from our second Big Data Summit event in as many calendar quarters, and it’s shaping up to be jam-packed with good presentations and conversation around innovations in data management and advanced analytics.  For people not aware, we’re conducting Big Data Summits regionally in North America and Europe with an eye on helping educate organizations who are looking for ways to tackle the enormous amount of data growing in (and outside) of their four walls. More importantly, we’re helping people answer the question, “what do I do with all this data?”.  If you can’t make it to the Bay Area on Feb 18th, look for one coming soon to a venue near you.  Here are some previews of what’s coming on Thursday:

1) Intuit (formerly will be talking about how they anonymize consumer data and provide financial benchmarks and insights to individuals.  e.g., Do you spend more on dinner than the average Joe or Jane in California?

2)  Mobclix, a mobile advertising network, will discuss how they enable application developers for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc. to make more money by providing targeting advertising based on better analytics. (And how they’ve deployed it on Amazon Web Services to scale up & down on demand)

3) Merv Adrian from IT Market Strategy will keynote to talk about trends in data management and the questions you need to ask yourself as you consider ways to tackle big data problems. He’s also moderating a panel that I’m hearing will have some cameo appearances from other industry analysts with big brains.

4) Dell is our platinum sponsor and they’ll be talking about some new hardware they’re rolling out for big data computing and putting on display at the show.

5) Our CEO and co-founder will be talking about our approach to harnessing the power of big data and giving a glimpse of the future from Aster Data.

6) Other sponsors include Amazon Web Services, Informatica, and a new partner of ours, Impetus.

Hope to see you at the show.