By jonbock in Analytics, MapReduce on May 25, 2011

In case you missed the news, Aster Data just took another step to make SQL-MapReduce the best programming framework for big data analytics. The Aster Data SQL-MapReduce® Developer Portal is the first collaborative online developer community for SQL-MapReduce analytics, our framework for processing non-relational data and ultra-fast analytics. It builds on other efforts to enable MapReduce analytics including: Developer Center, a resource center for MapReduce and SQL-MapReduce developers; Aster Data Developer Express, the first integrated development environment for SQL-MapReduce; and Aster Data Analytic Foundation, a suite of ready-to-use SQL-MapReduce functions.

The Developer Portal gives our customers and partners a community for collaborating with peers to leverage the flexibility and power of SQL-MapReduce for analytics that were previously impossible or impractical. Data scientists, quantitative analysts, and developers from customers, partners, and Aster Data are using the portal to highlight insights and best practices, share analytic functions, and leverage the experience and knowledge of the community to easily harness the power of SQL-MapReduce for big data analytics.

The portal enables collaboration that is key in making it easy for our customers to become SQL-MapReduce experts so they can solve core business challenges. As Navdeep Alam, director of data architecture at Mzinga, said, the portal “will allow us the ability to share and leverage insights with others in using big data analytics to attain a deeper understanding of customers’ behavior and create competitive advantage for our business.”

We’re seeing strong interest in the Developer Portal from our current customers. Early activity and content on the portal includes discussions about using the GSL libraries, programming in .NET, and writing sessionization and sampling functions. We plan to expand on this with tutorials for additional functions over the next few months.

If you aren’t already a customer, we encourage you to get started at the Aster Data Developer Center, where you can get your hands on SQL-MapReduce by downloading Aster Data Developer Express for free and find links to other resources like www.mapreduce.org.  If you are an Aster Data customer, we encourage you to also register for access to the new SQL-MapReduce Developer Portal for additional content and learning.

We’re always interested in your feedback as to how we can better help developers learn about and use MapReduce and Aster Data’s SQL-MapReduce.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to add them below in the comments.

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