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By Mayank Bawa in Analytic platform on August 3, 2011

The world of big data will benefit tremendously from a hybrid big data platform. Teradata’s Aster Data nCluster provides such a hybrid big data platform.

It enables multi-structured data to be stored natively in the database. Therefore, we can store relational data as tables with rows and columns. We can store PDF documents as PDF documents, HTML pages as HTML pages – and the same with Java objects, JPG files, Word documents, GIS data, and others.

It enables multi-structured data to be automatically (dynamically) interpreted natively in the database. For example, we can process PDF data to retrieve the various text blocks in that document, HTML pages to retrieve its content, and JPG files to render images or extract features. In other words, we can interact with the data in its native form to leverage the structure inherent in the stored data.

The final piece is that it enables a human or application user to step across the different structures seamlessly. For example, you can write a query that:

  1. Identifies your valuable customers by analyzing payment history table
  2. Analyzes and interprets customer sentiment by analyzing logs of customer calls
  3. Builds a decision tree to determine the most common problem detected in customer logs
  4. Builds a linear regression model to predict the loss in revenue that can be prevented by solving customers’ problem and the cost of acquiring net new customers to overcome the losses

This can all be done in one workflow and one session. Impressive?

We live in interesting times. The future is opening up in front of us.