Posted on May 15th, 2008 by Mayank Bawa

Have you ever discovered a wonderful little restaurant off the beaten path? You know the kind of place. It’s not part of some corporate conglomerate. They don’t advertise. The food is fresh and the service is perfect – it feels like your own private oasis. Keeping it to yourself would just be wrong (even if you selfishly don’t want the place to get too crowded).

We’re happy to see a similar anticipation and word-of-mouth about some new ideas Aster is bringing to the data analytics market. Seems that good news is just too hard to keep to yourself.

We’re serving up something unique that we’ve been preparing for several years now. We’re just as excited to be bringing you this fresh approach.

2 Responses to “A taste of something new”

  1. Mayank, what you’re proposing sounds very attractive and promising. As a startup with a lot of important data and the mandate to use it for the benefit of our users, we’re watching this space!

  2. David, thanks for the message. It is really motivating!

    It is these new applications and the desire to do more with the data that excites me. I strongly believe that providing the right set of tools will change the way we use data.

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