Posted on September 21st, 2008 by Mayank Bawa

There has been a lot of turmoil this past week in Financial Services. Several good people had their projects stalled, or even lost their jobs, due to market forces beyond their control.

I’d like to call out to Quantitative Computer Scientists who have been affected. If you are good with data and know how to extract intelligence from it, we want you in our team!

We are hiring. You’ll have the chance to work with a number of our customers and help them do more with their data. You’ll bring a fresh perspective to the business processes at our customers; in turn, you’ll gain from learning about the business processes of various verticals. An invaluable education when you want to go back to Financial Services after the crisis has passed in a couple of years.

Drop us a note at careers [at] asterdata [dot] com. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I received an anonymous comment to the blog from someone saying their resume has not been responded to. Can you please send us an email at mentioning your identity, and referring to the blog comment? Thanks for your interest!

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