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Posted on March 24th, 2009 by Steve Wooledge

A few months ago I wrote that we were referenced by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems report after just 6 months of coming out of stealth mode, and I predicted then that 2009 would be a big year for Aster.

Today I am pleased to announce that Aster has been included in the “Cool Vendors” report from Gartner. The report observes that nCluster has “innovative design features.” Our MPP database design, which uses commodity servers in three tiers, and our In-Database MapReduce capabilities, are bringing true innovations to large-scale data warehousing and analytics.

Gartner is a leading analyst firm with its fingers on the pulse of the data warehousing industry. We are truly excited at this recognition.

There is more coming from Aster in these next few months. An early decision that we took in our company is to undertake a “we do it, then we say it” approach to marketing. We’ve been consistently following this principle:

[1] Our public launch in May 2008 was predicated on us reaching a 100TB production deployment at a customer

[2] Our Aster nCluster Cloud Edition launch was predicated on us having customers on two different cloud services to demonstrate our ability to work with multiple service providers as a true cloud offering - not just a porting of software to one service vendor

[3] Our In-Database MapReduce (SQL/MR) launch was predicated on us providing it with tight SQL integration for in-database analytics

… and many more instances.

The advantage of this principle is credibility. We are able to provide real-life customer advantages of our product and speak with the force of experience. We like to think that this credibility wins factual recognition from the leading analysts such as Gartner.

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