Every month we have billions of ad impressions coming
into our servers that we need to analyze for our clients.
By moving to an in-house solution with Teradata Aster, we
have been able to run advanced analytical queries on big
data and provide insights in as
close to real-time as
possible. This speed is an extreme value-add, both
to us as a company and to our customers, as we help
them optimize marketing initiatives across all media channels.

  Marc Ryan, SVP, Chief Research Officer, InsightExpress  
Case Study: InsightExpress Rolls Out Data Analytics Cloud from Dell and Teradata Aster

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InsightExpress presentation at the Teradata PARTNERS User Group Conference
October 2-6 in San Diego, CA
Marc Ryan Chief Research Officer, InsightExpress

Research Analytics: Evolving the World of Market Research
Businesses have always made decisions based on data, historically as part of the market research function, but with the emergence of Big Data, research has taken a back seat to analytics. This session will examine the evolution of the research industry highlighting the significant changes that have affected data buyers over the past 50 years. Special attention is paid to how big data has changed the market research landscape and how the market research department is evolving into a research analytics function that answers the "who," "what," and "how" questions via big data, and the "why" questions via attitudinal data. Details will be provided on how InsightExpress has evolved from a market research company to a research analytics company through the deliberate implementation of a hybrid attitudinal/data warehouse platform. Discussion will cover the learning and challenges experienced in implementing and deploying a hybrid solution for data collection.

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Watch the video How InsightExpress
uses Teradata Aster to integrate analytics to provide detailed data back to their clients.
Press Release: Teradata Aster and Dell Selected by InsightExpress to Enable Advanced Data Analytics for Digital Marketing Research

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InsightExpress is a leading provider of digital marketing research solutions, specializing in the measurement of advertising and brand communications. With vast industry expertise, proprietary methodologies, and an exclusive platform, InsightExpress helps agencies, media, and marketers optimize marketing initiatives across online, mobile, and other media.