MapReduce Webinar Series:
Intro to In-Database MapReduce

By embedding applications with SQL-MapReduce, you have access to ultra-fast analysis on big data sets for a new generation of interactive, big data applications.
Register for this short introductory webinar for an overview of In-Database MapReduce and an example oftokenization. In-Database MapReduce features:
Expressive Flexibility – polymorphic SQL-MapReduce functions can be written with any popular language including Java, C#, Python, Perl, and more.
Reusability of SQL-MapReduce components - SQL-MR functions can be reused by analysts as simple SQL extensions or through standard BI tools.
High Performance – eliminates I/O bottlenecks by moving computation into the database; dynamically optimize execution of SQL-MR queries via a cost-based optimizer.

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Introducing MapReduce
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- Intro to MapReduce webinar

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