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Whitepaper: Aster Data nCluster 4.0 Data-Application Server

Webcast: Bringing Big Data Analytics to the Enterprise - 11/12, Merv Adrian

Webcast: Service Oriented 'Analytics' - 11/19, James Kobelius

  • Nov. 2: Aster Data Adds "Data-Application Server" to Version 4.0...
  • Nov. 2: Aster Data Tackles "Big Data" Analysis...
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  •   What our customers are saying

    Aster Data’s approach for interactive, big data applications is highly unique and allows us to store and process data in ways unimaginable in the past.

    Michael Brown, EVP,
    Software Engineering, comScore

  •   What our customers are saying

    Aster Data had the most complete product that met our requirements for rich analytics, scale, speed and overall cost of ownership.

    Richard Benjamins, Director of User Modeling, Telefonica I+D

  •   What key analysts are saying

    I don't know of anybody else whose approach is quite so elegant and general at this time.

    Curt Monash, Monash Research

  •   What our customers are saying

    With Aster Data, response times for large queries has dropped from 5 minutes to 5-10 seconds, and queries that previously were not possible now can be executed in 20-30 seconds.

    Richard Zwicky, Founder and President, Enquisite

  •   What our customers are saying

    Aster Data cuts down our end-to-end fraud analysis cycle time from 7 days to 15 minutes and queries that took 90 minutes now execute in 90 seconds.

  •   What key analysts are saying

    It's really innovative and I don't use those terms lightly. Moving application logic into the data warehousing environment is a logical next step.

    James Kobielus, Forrester Research

  •   What our customers are saying

    Aster Data gave us a tremendous cost and performance advantage and was the only company we could find that gave us this capability.

    Shawn Farshchi, Chief Operating Officer, Coremetrics

  •   What our customers are saying

    Integrating Aster Data and including them from the very beginning in the project… is what allowed that to be the most successful data warehouse implementation we've had to date.

    Christa Stelzmuller, Chief Data Architect, MySpace