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Whether you've heard of Google's MapReduce, its impact on Big Data applications, data warehousing, ETL, business intelligence, and data mining is re-shaping the market for business analytics and data processing. Attend this session to hear from Curt Monash on the basics of the MapReduce framework, how it is used, and use cases enabled by Aster Data's patent-pending SQL-MapReduce framework.
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The basics of MapReduce, key use cases, and what In-Database MapReduce adds
Which industries and applications are heavily using MapReduce
Recommendations for integrating MapReduce in your own Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing environment

About the Speaker:
For almost 30 years, Curt Monash has been a leading analyst of and strategic advisor to the software industry. Praised by Larry Ellison for his "unmatched insight into technology and marketplace trends," Curt was the software/services industry's #1 ranked stock analyst while at PaineWebber, Inc., where he served as a First Vice President until 1987. He subsequently co-founded Evernet, Inc., a $40 million networking systems integrator. Since 1990 he has owned and operated Monash Research (formerly called Monash Information Services), an analysis and advisory firm covering software-intensive sectors of the technology industry. In that period he also has been co-founder, president, or chairman of several other technology startups.

Curt writes and/or edits most Monash Research publications, including white papers, the Monash Letters (part of the Monash Advantage program) and the blogs DBMS2, Text Technologies, and Strategic Messaging. In addition, he has written for numerous industry publications, often as a regular columnist, including Computerworld, Network World, Software Magazine, Application Development Trends, Upside Magazine, and Datamation. Currently, he writes A World of Bytes for Network World. Curt also has appeared on NBC, CNBC, CNN, and National Public Radio.

Curt has served as a strategic advisor to many well-known firms, including Oracle, Microsoft, AOL, Teradata, and SAP. His investment clients have included a who's-who of the money management industry, both public-equity and venture capital.

Curt earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics (Game Theory) from Harvard University. He has held faculty positions in mathematics, economics and public policy at Harvard, Yale, and Suffolk Universities.

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