Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance

Big Analytics ApplianceBig Data represents a big business opportunity for organizations to innovate & gain operational efficiencies. However, most organizations struggle to manage & analyze big data due to issues involving data volumes, complexity and variety.

Teradata Aster’s Big Analytics Appliance will make your big data problems manageable. The industry’s first big analytics and discovery appliance that brings Aster Database, SQL-MapReduce®, and Apache Hadoop together. The Big Analytics Appliance helps executives, business managers, IT managers and analysts leverage breakthrough business insights to:

  • Take better business decisions resulting in better business results
  • Optimize & innovate across business processes with data-driven decisions
  • Minimize risk, maximize ROI and accelerate time to value with enterprise ready big data solutions

Product Features

  • Integrated, modular Aster Database, SQL-MapReduce &
    Apache Hadoop
  • 100% open-source Apache Hadoop via Hortonworks HDP 1.1
  • Integrated server management & monitoring via Teradata Viewpoint™ and Teradata Vital Infrastructure™
  • Industry-leading SQL-Hadoop integration via SQL-H™
  • Pre-Built analytics library of 50+ SQL-MapReduce functions, accessible via SQL, and complete support for ANSI-standard SQL & MapReduce

Business Benefits

  • Lowest TCO, Highest ROI & Fastest time to value
  • Fully engineered & supported by Teradata
  • Richer insights, better decisions, better results
  • Low Risk, Flexible, Solution for current & future needs
  • Quick to deploy, easy to manage & troubleshoot 
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What Our Partners Are Saying


“Tableau technology and the Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance are a natural fit,” said Dan Jewett, vice president, Product Management, Tableau Software. “The proliferation of data only increases the need for business users to visualize data so they can spot trends and outliers, it’s critical for success. Tableau running on the Teradata appliance will enable customers to collect, analyze, and visualize vast amounts of diverse data in real time. Together, we make it easier and faster for people to take action as required.”

SAS Alliance

“SAS believes that big data analytics is exciting because it’s the analytics that help customers do something with all of that data,” said Scott Van Valkenburgh, senior director of Alliances, SAS. “With our SAS® High-Performance Analytics family, including SAS High-Performance Analytics Server and SAS Visual Analytics, SAS extends the power of analytics to even more data with unprecedented speed, through leading-edge calculations and visualization capabilities. By combining these superior analytic solutions with Teradata's capabilities, customers are already changing their thought processes, organizations, and overall approach to data. Allowing analysts to look at all data across all aspects of the business, including external demographic data and social media, enables analysis of entire populations, not just a sample, for faster, robust and more precise recommendations. The new Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance will help our joint customers take advantage of such big data analytics and discovery and accelerate the process even more.”

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Tasso Argyros, Co-President, Teradata Aster, discusses how the Big Analytics Appliance can help enterprises discover new insights to make their organizations more competitive
Harnessing the value of big data analytics
The combination of Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance and MicroStrategy will give our joint customers a competitive advantage by gleaning valuable insights from their massive volumes of data,said Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy Chief Operating Officer.
Whether deployed in MicroStrategy’s Cloud or on premises, leading organizations benefit from MicroStrategy’s mobile apps, interactive dashboards, visual data discovery, and advanced analytical capabilities to easily and quickly transform all types of data into useful information for business users.

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