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IDC Discovery Assessment Tool
The IDC Discovery Platform Assessment Tool provides a methodology to evaluate your organization's Data Discovery/Big Data Analytics competency.


Whitepaper IDC Research Report:
Discovering the Value of a Data Discovery Platform

This report highlights the IDC study on the use and impact of data discovery technology and processes as a critical component of an organization's overall big data and analytics (BDA) solution portfolio.

Whitepaper White Paper by Tom Davenport: The Rise of Data Discovery
Author Tom Davenport reports on a 2013 study of data discovery capabilities in
15 early-adopter organizations.

Whitepaper Data Exploration and Discovery:
A New Approach to Analytics

Colin White discusses the role of data exploration and discovery in decision making, its benefits to the business and examples of use cases.

Whitepaper Big Data—What Does It Really Cost?
This report presents two big data application examples and shows how each would be implemented using 1) data warehouse technology and 2) Hadoop. It then calculates the five-year TCOD for each solution.

Whitepaper Evolution of Big Data Analytics:
Experiences with Teradata Aster and Apache Hadoop

This study explores the evolution of big data analytics and its maturity within the enterprise. The initial focus was on the approaches and economics to using Teradata Aster Discovery Platform and Apache Hadoop within the same analytical architecture.

Whitepaper Big Data: What Does It Really Cost? A WinterCorp Report
There are two major platform architectures for implementing big data analytics: the data warehouse and Hadoop. A key challenge today is choosing which of these big data solutions to use for a specific analytic application.

Whitepaper TDWI Checklist Report: Where Hadoop Fits in Your Data Warehouse Architecture
This TDWI Checklist Report discusses adjustments to DW architectures that real-world organizations are making today.

Whitepaper EMA Report —From Collection to Operational Analytics: Teradata Unified Data Architecture
ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES (EMA) Product Brief reviews the Teradata Unified Data Architecture solution and recognizes Teradata as a leader.

Whitepaper Rick F. van der Lans Technical Whitepaper:
Discovering Business Insights in Big Data Using SQL-MapReduce®

This whitepaper describes the advantages of merging the openness and productivity of SQL with the scalability of MapReduce to create a discovery platform that supports today’s complex and data-intensive analytical workload generated by data scientists.

Whitepaper TDWI E-Book: Unified Data Architecture
This ebook explores Unified Data Architecture with Teradata and TDWI experts who discussthe idea that big data doesn’t break with existing best practices, concepts, or methodologies; it involves, instead, a slight rethinking of the status quo.

Whitepaper TDWI Hot Topics Reports:
The Changing Role of the Data Scientist
Reading the Tea Leaves—BI Architectures of the Future
Investigative Computing: The New Frontier in BI
Big Data and the Data Warehouse: A Question of Adjustment

Whitepaper Web Analytics Demystified: Attribution Methods and Models—A Marketer’s Framework
This paper explores how cross-channel consumer behavior and multi-touch marketing data can be analyzed using a framework for Marketing Attribution.

Whitepaper Ventana Research: Teradata Brings In-Memory Computing and Data Discovery to
Big Data

CEO & Chief Research Officer Mark Smith writes on the latest big data analytics offerings by Teradata.

Whitepaper RIS Thought Leadership Series: Leveraging Big Data for Big Decisions
For retailers seeking to understand the value of Big Data in gaining insight into their business questions involving inventory, pricing, staffing, fulfillment and so on, this report delves into the opportunities presented through Big Data initiatives.

Whitepaper TDWI Report: Integrating Hadoop into Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
There is both hype and enlightened discussions in the IT press and elsewhere, extolling Hadoop as an enabler for big data, analytics, and multi-structured data. Yet, despite the attention Hadoop has received, relatively few BI professionals and other IT personnel are familiar with it. The purpose of this report is to accelerate users’ understanding of the many new Hadoop-based products that have emerged in recent years, mapping newly available Hadoop options to real-world use cases.

Whitepaper Enterprise Management Associates and 9sight Consulting Research Report: Big Data Comes of Age
In the IT industry, 2012 has been the year of Big Data. There is hardly a vendor who does not have a solution or, at least a go-to-market strategy. This Report highlights how companies’ Big Data solutions range far beyond social media and machine-generated data to include all types of traditional transactional business data.

Whitepaper Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. Lab Validation Report: Teradata Aster Discovery Platform
This ESG Lab Validation Report compares Hadoop with Aster, exploring and contrasting their strengths as key parts of a unified big data architecture.

Whitepaper Colin White Whitepaper:
MapReduce and the Data Scientist

This report explains the benefits of big data and the role of the data scientist in deploying big data solutions. It discusses the benefits of Hadoop MapReduce, Hive, and relational DBMSs that have added MapReduce capabilities.

Whitepaper Rick F. van der Lans Technical Whitepaper:
SQL-MapReduce® for Advanced Analytical Queries

In this report, you will learn how to: accelerate advanced analytical workloads; compare SQL, user-defined functions, MapReduce, and Hadoop/Hive; and understand real-world use cases.

Whitepaper Neil Raden Research Report:
Putting All Your Eggs in Three Baskets

This white paper pinpoints where Hadoop is appropriate and where traditional data warehousing and business intelligence environments are appropriate. It then presents a third option; innovative, hybrid systems that are relational databases with embedded MapReduce capabilities such as the Teradata Aster SQL-MapReduce® Platform.

Whitepaper Forrester Research Paper:
Welcome to the Era of Digital Intelligence

This report explains the difference between the newly coined term, “digital intelligence,” and traditional web analytics, and presents the importance of implementing this new analytic standard.

Whitepaper Forrester Research Paper:
Expand Your Digital Horizon with Big Data

This report delves into the situation of big data at extreme scale and presents a balanced approach on how to leverage it for greater insight and business performance.

Whitepaper Web Analytics Demystified:
Beyond Surface-Level Social Media

Beginning with defining the new concept of "surface-level social media," this white paper explores ways in which enterprises are harnessing the voices and behaviors of their customers to use to their competitive advantage.

Whitepaper TDWI: Hadoop—Revealing Its True Value for Business Intelligence
The latest Checklist Report from TDWI drills into common points of confusion surrounding Hadoop, clarifying these points and revealing the true value of Hadoop for BI, DW, big data, and analytics.

Whitepaper TDWI Best Practices Report: Big Data Analytics
Philip Russom, director of TDWI Research, explains: the business opportunity big data presents; the application of advanced analytics on big data sets; and vendor solutions for big data analytics.

Whitepaper IDC Research Report: Take Care of Your Quants -
Focusing Resources on Quantitative Analysts Matters

IDC Vice President Dan Vesset explains that the biggest positive differences among leaders and the rest come from the introduction of new types of data and new analytics.

Whitepaper Analytic Platforms: Beyond the Traditional Data Warehouse
Merv Adrian and Colin White of the BeyeNetwork explain how "analytic database management system players have sought to upend the notion that one database is sufficient for all storage and usage of corporate information."

Whitepaper TDWI Checklist Report: Big Data Analytics
Wayne Eckerson, director of TDWI Research, provides six guidelines for implementing big data analytics to help enterprises take the first steps toward achieving a lasting competitive edge with analytics.

Whitepaper The 451 Group: Aster Data Systems Adds Columnar Storage Engine to Analytic Database
Aster Data has launched version 4.6 of its nCluster massively parallel analytic database, adding a column-based storage engine to improve query performance for predefined queries that benefit from column-based data storage.

Whitepaper Neil Raden Research Report:
Advanced In-Database Analytics Done Right

In this report, analyst Neil Raden explains: areas in your business where you can apply advanced analytics; considerations for choosing the right analytic platform; the difference between traditional and advanced in-database analytics; and how to keep up with hardware as processing power increases.

Whitepaper WinterCorp Whitepaper: Aster Data nCluster - A New Architecture for Data Analytics
Many enterprises find their analytic data requirements and opportunities growing rapidly. Businesses want scalable, reliable and eocnomical solutions for these needs.

Whitepaper Forrester Report: In-Database Analytics - The Heart of the Predictive Enterprise
With in-database analytics, enterprises migrate their predictive analysis, data mining, and other compute-intensive analytic functions from separate, standalone applications to execute in the enterprise data warehouse.

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White Paper: A Revolutionary Approach for Advanced Analytics and Big Data Management
Whitepaper: Deriving Deep Insights from Big Datasets
Forrester Report: Expand Your Digital Horizon with Big Data