Analytic Data Pipeline Discovery

It can be challenging to identifying where analytic insights can provide the most business value. Aster Data's team of analytics experts have worked with hundreds of customers to develop expertise and best practices for success. With the Analytic Data Pipeline Discovery, we measure the "as-is" state and provide a prioritized value roadmap to help you reach an improved end-state. You can request a free Analytic Data Pipeline Discovery below.

Through a questionnaire and facilitated workshop, customers gain a high-level perspective on the correlation between business objectives and the insight to be gleaned from the data. They also understand all the data sources that must be aggregated and managed to deliver deeper business insigts.

Results of the Discovery

Once Aster Data and the customer have agreed on an engagement format, Aster Data will build the following:

  • Response package – A questionnaire sent to the sponsor for distribution within the organization as applicable.
  • Checkpoint – Conference call with sponsor to review the results of the questionnaire. The checkpoint will ensures the readiness of both parties to convene the on-site workshops.
  • Workshops – Aster Data will facilitate on-site workshops with managers who participated in the "response package." These are deep dives into "current state" focal points of: business drivers, analytics processing requirements, data source systems, and associated IT challenges.
  • Deliverables – In a follow-up meeting with the stakeholders, Aster Data will present findings and recommendations to senior management and establish an on-going dialogue to prioritize joint projects and create the basis for any further proof of concept.

A bi-product of the deliverable is a proposal and associated business case aiding further prioritization based on ROI:

  • Aster Data Software & Services – Augment the current technology portfolio to fill gaps and implement in the appropriate timeframe.
  • Financial Cash Flow Estimate – Value summary of achieving the total program scope, weighed against total cost, over proposed duration

The Best Insights Possible
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Companies today need experts who can help them accelerate delivery of next-generation, data-driven applications. To run deep analytics on big data requires understanding the analytical capabilities of new database technology, including knowledge of MapReduce and parallel processing requirements.

Wayne Eckerson, Director
TDWI Research