Teradata Aster Analytics Center

The Teradata Aster Analytics Center accelerates development of advanced analytic applications. This is accomplished through a combination of product offerings, services, a world-class team, and an elite ecosystem of partners to develop and deliver data-driven applications leveraging SQL and MapReduce.

Product Offerings

Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio is a powerful suite of reusable MapReduce analytic functions that simplify and accelerate the development of advanced analytic applications. The functions in Analytic Foundation are designed for high performance and scalability by leveraging the power of Teradata Aster's in-database MapReduce and SQL-MapReduce® framework. These building blocks enable developers to simplify and accelerate deployment of analytic applications that deliver high performance and scalability with Teradata Aster Database.

Rather than spending time and effort on implementing, testing, and optimizing their own code for common analytic operations, developers can use these pre-built functions within their applications through the SQL-MapReduce framework. As a result, they can focus on the higher-level logic that is unique to their applications and organization, speeding development and ensuring consistency across their applications.

Analytics Services

Identifying where analytic insights can provide the most business value can be challenging. Teradata Aster's team of advanced analytics experts have worked with hundreds of customers to develop expertise and best practices for success.

Customers gain a high-level perspective on the correlation between business objectives and the insight to be gleaned from the data They also understand all the data sources that must be aggregated and managed to deliver deeper business insigts.

Analytics Ecosystem

Teradata Aster works closely with select partners to provide tightly integrated, end-to-end analytic applications. Analytics partners are experts in algorithm and visualization development across a variety of industries. These organizations have ported their solutions to SQL-MapReduce for out-of-the-box complete parallelization. Partners include SAS, Cobi Systems, Fuzzy Logix,and Ermas.

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Interested in learning how the Teradata Aster Analytics Center can accelerate your analytics project? Give us a call at 1.888.Aster.Data or email info@asterdata.com.

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Companies today need experts who can help them accelerate delivery of next-generation, data-driven applications. To run deep analytics on big data requires understanding the analytical capabilities of new database technology, including knowledge of MapReduce and parallel processing requirements.

Wayne Eckerson, Director
TDWI Research