Educational Services

The education you need to master the Teradata Aster Database is never far away! Teradata Aster training is delivered through Teradata Customer Education, who offers:

  • Scheduled public classes
  • On-site classes at your location
  • Online training through the Teradata Education Network, Teradata’s premier online learning portal

To search for Teradata Aster content, please visit the Teradata Education Network web site, and click “Browse” (note: you’ll need to register on the site if you wish to enroll in a class via the website).

You’ll then need to select your geographical region:

Then, mouse over the word “Catalog” on the right side of the screen, and a drop down menu will appear.  Select “Simple Catalog Search”.

Type in the keyword “Aster” and click the Search button, and you’ll get a listing of the latest instructor-led and web-based training courses for the Teradata Aster Database.

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