Leverage the Science of Social to
Target Social Influencers

Industries like communications, financial services, and retail are discovering the power of social networks in their enterprise data. Social was not introduced by social media.  Humans by nature are social and networked. Social media is just a technology and communication enabler. Companies looking to ap into the power of social networks should be less concerned with how to access and parse social media data and more focused on using analytics to map the network and identify the social influencers that spread your message or generate sales for your organization.

Aster Data provides solutions that apply the science of social analysis to enterprise data — any enterprise data, whether it is social media feeds, credit card transactions, purchasing history, or call data records. In all of these records, connections can be made. Between two individuals swiping their credit cards at the same time at the same restaurant and splitting a lunch bill. Between two friends whose call data records show that they call one another every Thursday night during rush hour. Between posts tweeted and re-tweeted on Twitter.

Uncovering these networks in big data requires data science and big data analytics to reveal unexpected patterns and connections, creating a social graph. Traversing that graph to analyze influence, engagement and patterns of network hops adds a layer of technical complexity to the analysis but also key business insight.

Aster Data provides a single platform for identifying unknown social networks and analyzing strong and weak ties within the network to truly understand and utilize influence to meet your enterprise objectives.

Example Analytics

  • Influencer analysis – understand whose actions have impact in the network to encourage the behavior of peers for purchases, attrition, or just engagement. See a demo.
  • Virality analysis – analyze the flow of interactions across a network to understand breadth and speed of influence
  • Engagement analysis – gain visibility into online interests and focus throughout a social media network

Featured Customers


Watch the video to learn how Mzinga provides social software and analytics solutions to improve business performance.


Watch the video to learn how MySpace uses MapReduce to understand virality of content.


LinkedIn’s data scientists use Aster Data to uncover new social insights and influencers in their network. Download their presentation.

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One of the reasons we chose Aster Data is because of their deep MapReduce implementation that speeds data processing and helps give our customers even faster performance and more granular information so they can drive more traffic and transactions through organic search.

Eightfold Logic
Richard Zwicky, Founder and President
Every month we have billions of ad impressions coming into our servers that we need to analyze for our clients. By moving to an in-house solution with Aster Data, we have been able to run advanced analytical queries on big data and provide insights in as close to real-time as possible. This speed is an extreme value-add, both to us as a company and to our customers, as we help them optimize marketing initiatives across all media channels.

Marc Ryan, Senior Vice President,
Chief Research Officer