Independent Research Study
Big Data:
A Look at the Real Costs
It is widely reported that a Hadoop platform is a factor of 20 or more lower in price than a data warehouse platform. But the total cost of a Big Data project varies greatly with the use case. What does it really cost you to get where you want to go?

Richard Winter of WinterCorp has been the top expert and leading consulting firm aimed solely at massively parallel analytic systems for the last decade. Richard spent the last year developing an independent cost model that compares Hadoop to a traditional data warehouse. His findings may surprise some, confound some, and confirm some opinions about which product suite is the lowest cost. Using popular workloads and a comprehensive total cost of ownership analysis, WinterCorp is yet again driving new thinking regarding massive scale systems.  And the answers may surprise you.

Join our webcast to find out:
What workloads are best suited for Hadoop, which ones for the data warehouse, and why?
Which big data solution makes the most sense for specific analytic applications?
What is the model you should be using to optimize total cost, risk and time to value for your organization?
Thursday, November 14th
10:00 AM PT /
1:00 PM ET /
Richard Winter
Richard Winter
President & Founder
Bob Page
VP Products