Big Data Analytics Comes of Age:

Unlock the Potential of Multistructured Data

Struggling to turn Big Data into insights? A recent IDC survey shows that leading companies are more likely to introduce new analytic techniques and new types of data into their analytics ecosystem. "This may include either new transactional data sources or new external data feeds of transactional or multistructured interactional data," the IDC report states*.

Aster Data, a leader in analytic platforms, is now part of Teradata, a leader in integrated data warehousing. Together, we provide the leading solutions for bringing together relational and multistructured data and turning it into competitive advantage. Join this session to learn

In this webcast, you will learn:

The market forces that are driving the need for a next-generation information management platform that incorporates relational and multistructured data
Best practices among leading organizations for empowering quantitative analysts to compete better on analytics
Example use cases where businesses like yours harness big data for digital media optimization, social network and relationship analysis, fraud prevention, and applications from machine generated data
The value the combined Aster Data and Teradata can provide for analysis of your multistructured data (including relational data)
How to identify areas in your business where you can deliver increased value via an Analytic Data Pipeline Assessment


About the presenters:

Dan VessetDan Vesset is Program Vice President of IDC's Business Analytics research. His research is focused on the business intelligence and analytic applications markets, which encompasses multi-dimensional analysis, end-user query and reporting, data mining and other related business intelligence tools, and supply chain and operational analytic applications. Dan has authored numerous research publications involving business intelligence, analytic applications, and data warehousing. He has been published and quoted in numerous business and industry publications, including Forbes, Investors Business Daily, CFO, CIO, DM Review, and Intelligent Enterprise.


Mayank BawaMayank Bawa is Vice President, Development for Teradata's Aster Data Center of Innovation. Mayank leads the center's organization devoted to ensuring the success, longevity and innovation within its fast-growing customer base. Mayank was Aster Data's founding CEO and grew the company from three persons to a strong, well-rounded team that shipped products with market-defining features and worked with customers doing fascinating projects on big data.


Stephen BrobstStephen Brobst is Chief Technology Officer of Teradata Corporation. Stephen has specialized in design and construction of high-end data warehouse solutions for over 20 years. He completed Masters and PhD work in Computer Science at MIT and has published numerous books and journal articles. Through TDWI, Stephen has taught courses in High Performance Design and Real-Time Data Warehousing.

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