Did you know that organizations classified as “Fact Finders”— described as more analytically oriented — are 20% more likely to be among leaders within their industry? While business analytics has been around for decades, the bar has been raised on new business requirements to leverage ALL data in order to improve decision making — to take advantage of opportunities, minimize risks, and control costs.

If you would like to help your organization gain an unfair competitive advantage by harnessing the power of ALL data, watch this on-demand webcast featuring Dan Vesset of IDC as he shares new insights from a research study that examines the use and impact of data discovery technology and processes as a critical component of an organization's overall big data and analytics solution strategy.

He is joined by Scott Gnau of Teradata Labs who shares Teradata's perspective on a Discovery Platform and customer success stories that pushed the envelope and led to recent technology breakthroughs.

Together they explore the following questions:


  • What is a "Discovery Platform," and who will benefit the most from it?
  • What are some real-world examples of organizations leveraging a discovery
    platform to win?
  • How does a discovery platform integrate within existing infrastructures?
  • What are the best practices 'analytic strategies' integrating technology, people & processes?
  • What unique capabilities does the newest release of Teradata Aster Discovery Platform bring to the market?




Dan Vesset

Dan Vesset
Program VP, Business Analytics

Scott Gnau
Teradata Labs

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