Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio



The Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio delivers crucial insights


The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform, which includes the Discovery Portfolio and the Teradata Aster Database, significantly enhances an enterprise’s ability to perform the discovery process (data acquisition—data preparation—analysis—visualization). The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform was developed to ease the discovery of crucial business insights from all data types. With its powerful analytic applications coupled with minimal time and effort requirements, it provides the discovery insights needed for sophisticated companies today.

This paper explores the Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio--a complete solution that powers interactive applications to drive insights that strongly impact and enterprise’s strategic and tactical decisions. It helps C-level executives, business managers, IT managers, data scientists, statisticians, and business analysts to discover and operationalize breakthrough business insights to:


  • Implement process refinements and/or new services and other activities that increase customer satisfaction.
  • Inculcate a data-driven ethos in which hard evidence is used to make key strategic decisions (e.g., pricing).
Minimize risk and capitalize on emerging market trends by making decisions proactively

Read this white paper to get a description of the SQL-MapReduce functions within the Aster Discovery Portfolio and to understand the context in which they are widely implemented across many Teradata customers.



About the Author

Sri Raghavan
is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Teradata and is in the big data area with responsibility for the Aster solution and all ecosystem partner integrations with Aster. Sri has more than 16 years of experience in advanced analytics and has had various data science and analytics roles in Investment Banking, Finance, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Government, and Application Performance Management (APM) practices. He has two Master’s degrees in Economics and International Relations respectively from Temple University, PA and completed his Doctoral coursework in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sri is passionate about reading fiction and playing music and often likes to infuse a lot of his professional work with references to classic rock lyrics.

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