Teradata and Tableau Paper

Leveraging the Power of a New Generation of Data


The Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ and Tableau Software unlock new value for customers


It is irrefutable that a new generation of business user is upon us. Each trying to solve real business challenges by leveraging the data within their organization, and in many cases, turning to business intelligence and visual analysis software to help derive answers to the questions they are asking. Business users, and the IT teams that support them, are constantly looking for new ways to create competitive advantage and are increasingly finding that the keys to unlocking that competitive advantage lie in being able to access data and find answers to questions quickly and easily.

This report explains how the power of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ together with the power of Tableau creates a unique opportunity for users to discover new insights and drive business growth. This combined power enables unequaled insight across the entirety of an organization, allowing incredible real-time visibility into every aspect of a company’s performance.

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