Welcome to the Era of Digital Intelligence

By Joe Stanhope, Forrester Research



Interactive channels continue to prove their worth for revenue generation and customer engagement, but the growing complexity and volume of digital interactions cause challenges.


Traditional techniques such as web analytics were not designed for the breadth of channels, devices, and the speed that fuel today's digital interactions. Because subpar analytics put customer relationships at risk, Forrester is redefining the modern practice of web analytics as "digital intelligence." This new approach brings a set of expanded requirements and calls on firms to consider their technology frameworks, organizational structures, metrics, and optimization practices.


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Digital intelligence: what it is and how to leverage it
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About the Author:


Joe Stanhope, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research is a leading expert on web analytics, online testing and targeting, and the online marketing suite. His research focuses on the generation and application of marketing intelligence from interactive channels to deliver highly relevant and engaging online and multichannel customer experiences.


Prior to joining Forrester Research, Joseph was the vice president of platform strategy at Alterian, where he focused on product strategy, product marketing, analyst relations, and corporate development. Prior to Alterian, he was vice president of marketing and product development at MarketerNet. Joseph began his career at Experian, where he held a variety of roles spanning technical project consulting, business development, and product management.

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