Big data is a big "so what?"
Are you seeing business value?
Bring your data to life. Get the inside scoop on Teradata Aster's newest big analytics technology
The big data and Hadoop hype is deafening. Cut through the noise and see the easiest way to bring your data to life. Impact the business and become a data hero.

Most organizations struggle to tackle big data by stitching together open source projects like Apache Hadoop, code, clusters of hardware (and a little duct tape), along with RDMBS technology to provide standard SQL and BI tool access to the data. 80% of the effort goes to 20% of the value. Teradata Aster delivers it for you so you can run faster and easier analytics at whatever scale you need. Bring big analytics to your business and deliver real value.

Attend this webcast to find out how Teradata Aster's latest innovations will let you forget about big data and think about business value. You'll learn how executives, business managers, IT managers and analysts can leverage breakthrough enterprise class big analytics solution from Teradata Aster to:
Discover breakthrough insights from both existing and new data sources
Inject innovative analytics into business processes for better data-driven decisions and results
Minimize risk, maximize ROI and accelerate time to value with enterprise-ready big data solutions
Wednesday, October 17th
10:00 AM PDT /
1:00 PM EDT /
17:00 GMT
Colin White
Scott Gnau
President, Teradata Labs
Teradata Corporation
Tasso Argyros
Tasso Argyros
Teradata Aster