Bridging the Gap: SQL and MapReduce for Big Analytics
MapReduce processing is a new approach to big data analysis, but understanding how MapReduce works and what this might mean for your business, may at first seem daunting. Do you need specialized data scientists to overcome the big data challenge? How is MapReduce different from SQL, stored procedures, or user-defined functions (UDF's)? What about Hadoop MapReduce and Hive QL? What is the relationship with big data and big data analytics? Receive an overview on the MapReduce framework and best practice implementations to bring the power of MapReduce processing to business analysts. Hear how, by combining SQL and MapReduce, a platform is created that is scalable and productive. Join Rick F. van der Lans, independent analyst and Managing Director of R20/Consultancy to discuss the following:
Understanding MapReduce vs SQL, UDF's, and other analytic techniques
How SQL developers and business analysts can become "data scientists"
Fitting MapReduce into your BI/DW technology stack
Making the power of MapReduce available to the larger business community
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
15:00 CET (Frankfurt)
2:00pm UTC (London)
Rick F Van Der Lans
Rick F. van der Lans,
Managing Director,
Christopher Hillman
Christopher Hillman,
Principal Data Scientist,