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The biggest positive differences among leaders and the rest come from the introduction of new types of data. This may include either new transactional data sources or new external data feeds of transactional or multistructured interactional data (the latter may include Web click stream or data that is a by-product of social networking).

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Wayne Eckerson Dan Vesset is Program Vice President of IDC's Business Analytics research. Mr. Vesset’s research is currently focused on the business intelligence and analytic applications markets, which encompasses multi-dimensional analysis, end-user query and reporting, data mining and other related business intelligence tools, and supply chain and operational analytic applications.

Mr. Vesset has authored numerous research publications involving business intelligence, analytic applications, and data warehousing. In addition, Mr. Vesset has been published and quoted in numerous business and industry publications, including Forbes, Investors Business Daily, CFO, CIO, DM Review, and Intelligent Enterprise. Mr. Vesset is a frequent speaker at business intelligence conferences and seminars worldwide, and has over 10 years of experience as a user, implementer, and analyst of business intelligence software.
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