Aster Data nCluster:
A New Architecture for Data Analytics

"Aster's nCluster brings a forward-looking, exciting new design for analytic data requirements. With its massively parallel architecture; its use of commodity hardware; its focus on scalability, availability and manageability; and its rapid innovation via the integration of MapReduce and other features, Aster's nCluster offers users a distinctive set of capabilities in a promising new design."
  "Aster Data nCluster:
A New Architecture for Data Analytics"

Richard Winter, WinterCorp,

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The key requirements of a data analytics platform
How customers like MySpace and ShareThis use Aster Data for near real-time analysis of massive datasets
The innovative design principles of Aster Data nCluster
  • -   Advanced analytics with SQL-MapReduce
  • -   Attacking the network bottleneck
  • -   Designed for high availability
  • -   Affordability based on the use of commodity hardware

About WinterCorp:

WinterCorp is an independent consulting firm that specializes in the performance and scalability of data management systems throughout their lifecycle, focusing on data warehousing.

Since WinterCorp's inception in 1992, the firm has architected some of the largest and most challenging databases in production today. Their consulting services help users, system integrators and vendors define business-critical database solutions, select their platforms, engineer their implementations and manage their growth to optimize business value.

With decades of experience in large scale data warehouse implementations and in-depth knowledge of database products, WinterCorp delivers unmatched insight into the issues that impede performance and the technologies and strategies that enable success.

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