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Big Data Analytics
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Data volumes are exploding. Organizations want to perform "deep analytics" on massive data warehouses. Deep analytics ranges from statistics—such as moving averages, correlations, and regressions—to complex functions such as graph analysis, market basket analysis, and tokenization. Many organizations are embracing predictive analytics by using advanced machine learning algorithms to anticipate behavior and events. In the past, organizations may have applied these types of analytics to a subset of data, but today they want to analyze every transaction. The reason: profits.

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Wayne Eckerson Wayne Eckerson is the director of TDWI Research. Eckerson is an industry analyst and educator who has covered DW and BI since 1995. Eckerson is the author of many in-depth, groundbreaking reports, a columnist for several business technology magazines, and a noted speaker and consultant. He is the author of Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business (John Wiley & Sons, 2005) and the creator of TDWI's BI Maturity Model and Benchmarking Assessment service. He can be reached at weckerson@tdwi.
TDWI Checklist Report
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