Big Data Comes of Age

An Enterprise Management Associates and 9sight Consulting Research Report



The real analytical and operation value of Big Data


In the IT industry, 2012 has been the year of Big Data. There is hardly a vendor who does not have a solution or, at least a go-to-market strategy. Beyond IT, even the financial and popular press discusses its merits and debates its drawbacks. And yet, the debate of exactly how to define Big Data remains. In this joint study between EMA’s Shawn Rogers and John Myers and 9sight Consulting’s Dr Barry Devlin, respondents clearly indicated that their Big Data solutions range far beyond social media and machine-generated data to include all types of traditional transactional business data.


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The Authors:

Barry Devlin

Dr. Barry Devlin

Founder and Principal
9sight Consulting

Shawn Rogers

Shawn Rogers

Vice President of Research, Business Intelligence and
Data Warehousing, EMA

John Myers

John Myers
Senior Analyst,

Research Report
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