By rpai in Frontline data warehouse on June 19, 2009

I am excited to be announcing Aster’s Global Partner Program which will be singularly focused on empowering our software and service provider partners grow robust, profitable businesses solving rich, big data analytics challenges for end customers.

Aster is leading a revolution in frontline data warehousing and analytic solutions and has shown success with several marquee customers. Earlier this year we launched our channel efforts and as I look ahead channel partners will play a critical role in Aster’s strategy and success. Through industry domain expertise, specialized data management knowledge and experience, our partners extend Aster’s offerings helping our customers maximize their investment and benefit from innovative “Aster-powered” solutions.

In this blog, I want to focus on outlining the differentiating value Aster brings to partner service providers and independent software (application) vendors.

In a recent analyst briefing, after presenting Aster’s company and product differentiators, I was asked why a service provider (system integrator) gets excited about working with Aster.

I responded with my top 3 reasons:

- Gain access to new “big-data” (e.g. risk management, customer targeting, churn analysis, customer behavior analysis) projects at enterprises across vertical domains

- Deliver real economic benefits to enterprises by changing the business of enterprise data warehousing (challenging current norms of scale, performance and price)

- Opportunity to build a high margin, competitive, domain-specific services practice working w/ the world-class Aster product team

As we continue to push the envelope of technical innovation with our application-friendly relational database, we are witnessing a surge of interest from application software vendors (and developers) who realize analytics and big data management cannot be an after-thought.

Savvy application developers realize storing and analyzing structured and semi-structured user and usage data are critical to success. Being able to plan and provision a robust, proven internet-scale database for current and growing data needs is now a necessity.

With the rapid consolidation in the enterprise application market (thank you, Oracle) and constant pressure to harvest economic value of business data, we notice the shift in application development:

- Application developers and vendors want a data platform which scales elastically with business (and not held captive to proprietary hardware vendor lock-ins) while being flexible to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud

- Demand for a data platform which can seamlessly embrace the power of relational (SQL) with modern frameworks for big data processing (MapReduce) with overall lower total cost of ownership so developers can focus on applications (and not manageability, scalability, reliability of data)

To get more details check out http://www.asterdata.com/partners/index.php or to join as a partner click on http://www.asterdata.com/partners/application.php

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