By Mayank Bawa in Blogroll on June 29, 2009

We are announcing the availability of an Enterprise-Ready MapReduce Data Warehouse Appliance.

The appliance is powered by Dell hardware and Aster’s nCluster SQL/ MR database, with optional software for BI platform from Microstrategy and data modeling software from Aqua Data Studio.

Our product portfolio now allows our customers to get the benefits of our flagship Aster nCluster SQL/MR database in the packaging that they are most comfortable with - on-premise software, in-cloud service, or pre-packaged appliance.

The appliance offering packs a lot of punch compared to other data warehousing appliances in the market - it has the highest ratio of compute & memory to data sizes, allowing you to run rich queries on the appliance without breaking a sweat.

We are especially proud of the open nature of our appliance - the hardware is from Dell built from industry-standard components, the BI server is from Microstrategy, and the data modeling tool is from AquaFold (Aqua Data Studio). The appliance brings together industry-leading components of a full data warehouse stack together - all pre-tested and configured for optimal performance.

Even the programming of our appliance is open - our SQL/MR framework allows applications to push computation into the appliance using industry standard SQL augmented with MapReduce in the language of your choice (Java, C#, Perl, Python, etc.).

We have been approached by a number of customers seeking a get-started-quickly system, especially those groups of users and departments seeking a Hadoop framework to build their solutions upon.

In response to the requests, we are proud to announce an Express Edition of the appliance that is designed to work for upto 1TB of user data. And it comes in an even more attractive price - that of $50K only - complete with hardware and software!

Give us a call - we’ll get your warehouse setup on our appliance to ensure that the time-to-first-query is measured in hours, not months!

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