By Steve Wooledge in Blogroll, nPath on October 15, 2009

We just wrapped up our first of a two-part series on Mastering MapReduce together with Curt Monash. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing MapReduce with Curt and wanted to help educate the community on exactly what it is and how it applies to data management and analysis.  We’ve published the recorded webcast and below are the slides we presented from an Aster Data perspective which outline:

- What is Aster Data’s SQL-MapReduce?
- Example industry applications of SQL-MapReduce
- Walking through the SQL-MapReduce syntax

Mastering MapReduce: MapReduce for Big Data Management and Analysis
View more presentations from AsterData.

Curt has also posted his slides on DBMS2 with a great overview on dispelling the myths around MapReduce, and how MapReduce and SQL play nicely with each other.

We had great turn-out and questions from the sessions.  If you have any questions after reviewing the material, please drop a comment.

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