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Posted on March 27th, 2009 by Steve Wooledge

When we announced Aster nCluster’s In-Database MapReduce feature last year, many people were intrigued by the new analytics they would be able to do in their database. However, In-Database MapReduce is new and often loaded with a lot of technical discussion on how it’s different from PL/SQL or UDF’s, whether it’s suitable for business aanalysts or developers, and more.What people really want to know is how businesses can take advantage of MapReduce.

I’ve referred to how our customers use In-Database MapReduce (and nPath) for click-stream analytics . In our “MapReduce for Data Warehousing and Analytics” webinar last week, Anand Rajaraman covered several other example applications. Rajaraman is CEO and Founder of Kosmix and Consulting Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University (full disclosure: Anand is also on the Aster board of directors). After spending some time discussing graphing, i.e. finding the shortest path between items, Rajaraman discusses applications in finance, behavioral analytics, text, and statistical analysis that can be easily completed with In-Database MapReduce but are difficult or impossible with SQL alone.

As Rajaraman says, “We need to think beyond conventional relational databases. We need to move on to MapReduce. And the best way of doing that is to combine MapReduce with SQL.”

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