Posted by Steve Wooledge in Blogroll on November 10, 2009

Aster Data 4.0 is here and for those of you who subscribe to Aster Data’s blog, “Winning with Data�, you may have noticed that we’ve changed things up a bit.  This blog is now called the “Big Data Blog� and will continue to be a mash-up of opinions and news from the team at Aster Data. Topics will continue to be a mix of technical deep-dives as well as company announcements and content.

At the same time, our CEO and co-founder Mayank will be sharing his thoughts on a separate blog called “Winning with Data� where he will talk about his perspectives of the market trends, customer use-cases, technology evolution and company growth. You can find all of his previous posts there, as well as fresh content starting with the announcement of Aster Data’s massively parallel data-application server.

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