Posted by Steve Wooledge in Uncategorized on April 13, 2010

It looks like Aster Data isn’t the only company hoping to demystify advanced analytics as a growing number of organizations try to decide whether to dip their toe in the water or dive in completely. There was an interesting article from Doug Henschen of Intelligent Enterprise last week on their launch of the “Advantage in Analytics” TechCenter.

The main impediments to growth for the analytics market have been “lack of awareness, skills and a demand for fact-based decision-making within organizations,” Doug writes. This preceded our announcement of the Aster Analytics Center and MapReduce.org earlier this week to support those very goals.

The Aster Analytics Center provides best practices, and ready-to-use analytics solutions to jump-start development of advanced in-database analytics. Further, www.mapreduce.org provides valuable information to companies interested in understanding MapReduce-based analytics and learning how other companies have built rich data-driven applications using MapReduce and SQL-MapReduce. We expect these resources, along with Intelligent Enterprise’s “Advantage in Analytics” TechCenter, to be integral in increasing awareness and skills. And as more organizations learn the benefits, demand will become nearly universal. Hats off to Intelligent Enterprise for supporting these goals.

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