Posted by Mayank Bawa in Blogroll, Statements on July 24, 2008

We took a decision early on in building the company that we’d  make our platform open in technology and have an inclusive philosophy on business.

I am glad to say that this year we have started delivering on our business philosophy.

We have good relationships with several smart consulting teams, and are actively working with them to bring innovative solutions to the market for our joint customers. We recently recommended a partner to a company where we were not a good fit because we felt that our partner could bring a lot of value to the prospect and that such introductions strengthen our extended network. We were genuinely surprised at the warmth it generated at both the company and the partner for us!

In the last few years, we’ve actively built our product to work on a variety of hardware platforms: we have customers running IBM, HP, Dell, and even white-box offerings! Earlier this week, we announced our partnership with Informatica. You will see a series of announcements appearing in the next few months.

We are actively looking for a person who can lead our efforts in establishing meaningful partnerships in the data warehousing space. If you know one, or are one, who shares an inclusive philosophy, drop us a note!

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