Posted by Steve Wooledge in Blogroll on January 18, 2009

Interesting unrest brewing among Seagate customers today about Barracuda drives failing at an alarming rate. So how can you protect against this? Even though Seagate allows you to RMA the product, it’s really the data loss and downtime that are the headache, right?

You must figure out a strategy to deal with both planned and unplanned downtime before it happens. Ask your vendors about their fault-tolerance and self-healing capabilities to help you deal with hardware and software failures. Make sure the solutions address every component of failure, not just disks or processors. Ask whether replication can occur on commodity hardware - or will you have to wait 5 days for a new custom box to be ordered? And make sure online backup is an option, even if it’s a last resort.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to protect your data warehouse against hardware failures, read more about Aster Data’s “always on” database.

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