Data Warehousing in the Cloud is Here:
The Future of DW and BI

ShareThis  Amazon Web Services

You can easily scale your data warehouse on the cloud for rich analytics. Register for this webinar to see how data-driven companies like ShareThis are taking advantage of truly elastic scalability and in-depth analytics to provide value-added services for their users and publishers. Learn about the easiest-scaling cloud-based analytic database from Aster Data through Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Register for this complimentary webinar featuring Amazon Web Services and Lenin Gali, Director of Business Intelligence for ShareThis, to learn how you can:
Quickly create a data warehouse production environment in a matter of days rather than months
Scale out and scale in easily with Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Optimize your data warehouse spend by storing data outside the data warehouse when it is not being used

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Data Warehousing in the Cloud webinar
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