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Dave Brown

"The total cost of ownership was our initial reason for moving forward with the Teradata Aster platform, and it was compelling enough that our financially-minded decision-makers said, ‘we can actually do more with less’. Now we want to leverage the data to drive business imperatives, and apply them to everyday decision-making. Our primary objective is to ready information to be used by the doctors to make a difference in our patients’ lives."

Dave Brown
Senior Director, Enterprise Business Intelligence, Aurora Health Care

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Marc Parrish

"The idea is to drive towards a white glove customer experience, so that we know you as an individual even if you’ve only come to us three or four times. Now we can have an interaction that is much more personalized."

Marc Parrish
Vice President of Customer Loyalty and Retention, Barnes and Noble

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Geoffrey Guerdat

"Teradata Aster’s a platform that enables us to do more with the information [we collect] in a sustainable, scalable way. It helps us have a better site, have more engagement, and better interaction. It allows us to be more responsive to the customer, with a finger on the pulse of what’s going on."

Geoffrey Guerdat
Director of Data Engineering, Gilt Groupe

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Insight Express

"We chose Teradata Aster to work to help us integrate more analytics to provide more detailed data back to our clients that can give them more insight into whether advertising is working, whether it is convincing people to go and purchase the brand or if it’s changing their opinions of the brand as well as just helping people understand the brands that are out there advertising."

Marc Ryan
Chief Research Officer, InsightExpress

Video: How InsightExpress is using the Dell | Aster Analytics Cloud
Don Watters

"The things that Teradata Aster gives us the ability to do are beyond just regular relational databases. You have the ability to take data and match it up in a way that you probably hadn't thought about before. In the typical environment of a database developer, they're thinking about things in a set-based way. In an application developer, they're thinking about things in an iterative way, and the melding of those two things within
Aster Database gives us a huge advantage."

Don Watters
Chief Data Architect, MySpace

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Data a Day
Video: Graph Analysis to Understand
Social Content
Alan Nugent

"Creating a social ecosystem with real-time analytics that serves up previously untapped business and user intelligence can and will fundamentally change the competitive landscape across virtually every industry. Teradata Aster gives us these unique capabilities for social network analytics."

Navdeep Alam
Director of Data Architecture, Mzinga

Video: Watch the video featuring Mzinga’s Director of Data Architecture

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