Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform is an analytic platform that incorporates a MPP hybrid row and column database with an integrated analytics engine, allowing application logic to execute with data to deliver breakthrough performance and scalability. Companies including Barnes & Noble, Intuit, LinkedIn, Akamai, and MySpace use Teradata Aster to deliver applications such as deep clickstream analysis, recommendation and personalization analytics, real-time fraud detection, and churn analysis.

  • Barnes&Noble

    Barnes & Noble

     Now that all our data is in one place, we can understand customer interactions across our entire [retail/ online/e-reader] ecosystem. 

    Marc Parrish,

    VP, Retention and Loyalty Marketing,
    Barnes & Noble

  • Gilt Groupe
  • Razorfish
  • Linked In


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  • Mzinga

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  • InsightExpress

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     Every month we have billions of ad impressions coming into our servers that we need to analyze for our clients. By moving to an in-house solution with Aster Data, we have been able to run advanced analytical queries on big data and provide insights in as close to real-time as possible. This speed is an extreme value-add, both to us as a company and to our customers, as we help them optimize marketing initiatives across all media channels. 

    Marc Ryan,

    SVP, Chief Research Officer, InsightExpress

  • Eightfold Logic

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    Eightfold Logic

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  • SAS


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  • MySpace


     Integrating Aster Data and including them from the very beginning in the project ... is what allowed that to be the most successful data warehouse implementation we’ve had to date... We should definitely use it as a blueprint for any future implementations we do. 

    Christa Stelzmuller,

    Chief Data Architect, MySpace

  • Akamai


     Aster Data's team and support has been outstanding, and Aster Data has responded to questions or e-mail requests almost instantly. 

     Aster Data gave us the ability to do analytics that we could not do previously. 

    Peter Kools,

    Chief Architect, Akamai

  • OmnicomMediaGroup


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  • Orchard Supply Hardware

    Orchard Supply Hardware

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  • U.S. Department of Energy

    U.S. Department of Energy

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  • Intuit

    Mint.com (now Intuit)

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  • ThreatMetrix


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  • Chegg


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  • Gates Corporation

    Gates Corporation

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  • US Air Force

    US Air Force

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The Best Insights Possible
Whitepaper: A Revolutionary Approach for Advanced Analytics and Big Data Management
White Paper: Using Multi-Touch Attribution for Deeper Insight in the Customer Journey
Now that all our data is in one place, we can understand customer interactions across our entire [retail/ online/e-reader] ecosystem. (MapReduce helps researchers) see trends more quickly than possible in systems only using massively parallel processing.

Marc Parrish, Vice President,
Direct Marketing