Shut Down the VMs

Important: You must shut down the Worker image first.

1. To close the first virtual image, select the Aster Worker (not the Queen) image.

2. Navigate to the Player dropdown menu, continue to the Power > Suspend sub-menus, and click Suspend.

Figure 12

Figure 12

The Suspend action preserves the state of the virtual machine, returns it to the library in the Suspended state, and restores it when you access the virtual machine at a later time.

Please refer to the VMware Player website for more information.

3. Click Yes in the VMware Player dialog box to confirm that you want to suspend the Worker virtual machine.

4. The VMware Player welcome page is displayed after the suspend operation is complete.

5. Navigate to the Aster Queen image instead of the Aster Worker image, and repeat steps 1 through 4 in this section.

Now, the Worker and Queen virtual images are both Suspended.

6. Click Player > Exit to exit each VMware Player.