The Shortcut Guide to
Large Scale Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics
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"I’ve built data warehouses that performed well until they reached a size that was overwhelming. The Shortcut Guide to Large Scale Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics identifies the key challenges in design, operation, and performance of large-scale data warehouses and provides practical advice for dealing with them. This book will help everyone from CIO’s and CTO’s to the database architects understand the unique issues that arise when data size grows to the multi-terabyte range."
Mark Scott, author of
"The Shortcut Guide to Large Scale
Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics"

As data warehouses grow to 10 TB and beyond, the means by which they are designed and operated, and even the way in which analytics are executed, must change in order to maintain high levels of performance. The Shortcut Guide to Large-Scale Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics explores the rationale for large-scale data warehouses, as well as the architectural alternatives for building them. It addresses the operational challenges of managing and monitoring these large data warehouses, and takes a fresh look at how to extract meaningful information from a data set of this size.


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Total cost of ownership for data warehouses built on a single platform

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Advanced in-database analytics enabled by large data warehouses

About the author
Mark Scott is a senior consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services. He develops multi-tier, data-centric web applications. He implements a wide variety of Microsoft-based technologies, with special emphasis on SQL Server and Analysis Services. He is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer + Internet, Solution Developer, Database Administrator and Trainer. He holds A+, Network + and CTT+ certifications from COMPTIA. Mark has also written a number of books and articles. He has co-authored the MSDE Bible, eCommerce for Dummies, Professional Data Warehousing Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Analysis Services, Special Edition Using Commerce Server 2002 and other books. He regularly writes articles for technical publications and speaks at national conferences. He has also written courses and conducted national tours for Microsoft and a variety of other organizations.



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