One of the reasons we chose Teradata Aster is because of their deep MapReduce implementation that speeds data processing and helps give our customers even faster performance and more granular information so they can drive more traffic and transactions through organic search.    
  Richard Zwicky, Founder and Presiden, Eightfold Logic  
On-Demand Webcast: Cross-Channel Attribution with

The need to measure, analyze and report marketing effectiveness is greater than ever. In this webcast learn how Eightfold Logic is leveraging advanced analytic techniques within Teradata Aster’s massively parallel processing database technology to more accurately measure and analyze online marketing impact.

Watch this webcast to learn about:

Best practices for cross-channel marketing analysis
SQL-MapReduce for simplification of complex analytics
High performance on queries that were previously not possible
Press Release: Enquisite [now Eightfold Logic] Selects Teradata Aster to Scale its Worldwide Search Data Network
About Eightfold Logic
Our business is providing increasingly rich insights on customer trends hidden in rapidly growing
volumes of data. Teradata Aster's
business-ready analytic packages, based
on SQL-MapReduce, provide a competitive
advantage to us through the richness and
extensibility of analytics that can be rapidly delivered to our client base. Analytics that were previously unimaginable are now running in 20-30 seconds.

Other analytics run with amazing responsiveness, showing the immediate benefit of SQL-MapReduce. In some cases we have seen increases in response time from 45 minutes to seconds.

– Richard Zwicky