Aster Data enables you to discover deep insights on massive data sets. By unlocking the power of your data, you can dramatically change your business. Aster Data has been proven in some of the most demanding customer environments for scalability and in-depth analysis.


"Aster Data’s approach for interactive, big data applications is highly unique and allows us to store and process data in ways that was were unimaginable in the past."

Michael Brown, EVP,
Software Engineering, comScore

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"Aster Data had the most complete product that met our requirements for rich analytics, scale, speed and overall cost of ownership."

Richard Benjamins, Director of User Modeling, Telefonica I+D

"With Aster Data, response times for large queries has dropped from 5 minutes to 5-10 seconds, and queries that previously were not possible now can be executed in 20-30 second"

Richard Zwicky, Founder and President Enquisite
Case Study - MySpace Scales Analytics for All Their Friends

"Integrating Aster Data and including them from the very beginning in the project ... is what allowed that to be the most successful data warehouse implementation we've had to date... We should definitely use it as a blueprint for any future implementations we do."

Christa Stelzmuller, Chief Data Architect, MySpace

"MySpace Does More with Aster”, Feb 2009
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“Aster Data's team and support has been outstanding, and Aster Data has responded to questions or e-mail requests almost instantly.”

Peter Kools, Chief Architect, Akamai

“Aster Data gave us the ability to do analytics that we could not do previously.”

Peter Kools, Chief Architect, Akamai

Case Study: ShareThis Provides Insight to What Matters in the Cloud

“With Aster Data nCluster … our data load time has decreased by over 95%, and our most important queries complete in seconds or less.”

Tim Schigel, CEO of ShareThis

Interview with Lenin Gali, Director of BI for ShareThis

Lenin Gali shares view on the "future of analytics"

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Press release: Coremetrics Chooses Aster Data Systems' nCluster

“We needed excellent uptime and real-time insights into our customers’ business on a 24x7 basis. Aster Data allows us to have superior scalability on commodity hardware – giving us a tremendous cost and performance advantage. Aster Data was the only company we could find that gave us this capability.”

Shawn Farshchi, Chief Operating Officer, Coremetrics
Press release: Full Tilt Poker Selects Aster Data for Superior Analytics and Fraud Detection

"Aster Data provides a robust distributed data warehousing solution with powerful analytics capabilities that cuts down our end-to-end fraud analysis cycle time from 7 days to 15 minutes and queries that took 90 minutes now execute in 90 seconds. Not only did we dramatically improve our fraud process by reducing analysis cycle times, and significantly increase analysis performance, but we have lowered our total cost of ownership; including lower hardware costs, software infrastructure, and maintenance."

Pocket Kings
Press release: Specific Media Chooses Aster Data Warehousing Solution

“Aster Data provided a flexible solution with a high level of distributed analytic processing power on commodity hardware, which was attractive to us since we did not want to commit to a data warehouse technology that could be outdated in a few months. During the evaluation process, we found that Aster Data was extremely responsive to our requests. The company's strong customer service was another reason we ultimately selected them as our partner”

Brian Burdick, Senior Vice President of Technology, Specific Media
"We've been very pleased with both the reliability and availability of Aster Data nCluster. We've had cases where disks and other components have failed in our cluster, but the database has kept on going answering queries with the same performance as before."

Kris Wehner, CTO, Aggregate Knowledge
Press release: Buddy Media Selects Aster Data as Analytics Partner for Measuring Engagement on Social App-Vertisements

“...By leveraging Aster Data’s unique ability to quickly capture and analyze the extremely large volumes of user and event data in the cloud, we can provide our customers with comprehensive information and statistics – even down to which sections within an app-vertisement are generating the best results”

Michael Lazerow, CEO, Buddy Media
Press release: Aster Data Systems Brings Frontline Data Warehousing, Powered by MapReduce, to the Cloud

“Aster Data and AppNexus  have empowered Didit to build a next-generation data-rich media targeting environment where our selected clients can push the envelope in high-profit selective impression acquisition.”

Kevin Lee, Chairman and CEO / Co-Founder, Didit
"We're excited about SQL-MapReduce and the promise it offers of scalable execution of advanced statistics without having to move data to a separate statistics platform."

Scott Becker, CTO of Invite Media
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