Upcoming Events

TDWI World Conference

November 1-6 in Orlando, FL
Aster Data representatives will exhibit November 3-4.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Conference Europe 2009

November 2-4 in London, UK
Aster Data representatives will exhibit throughout the event.

ApacheCon US 2009

November 2-6 in Oakland, CA
Aster Data representatives will exhibit throughout the event.

"Bringing Big Data Analytics to the Enterprise
- A New Era in Data Management" webinar

November 12
Merv Adrian explains how to bridge the data-application gap and drastically reduce query response times from hours to minutes or even seconds.

"Service Oriented Analytics
- Data-driven Applications coming to the Data Warehouse" webinar

November 19
Forrester Senior Analyst James Kobielus will discuss the emerging EDW-based application platform’s role as an enabler for the new paradigm of Service-Oriented Analytics. This new approach leverages and extends existing enterprise investments to create a flexible, agile, scalable, and distributed enterprise SOA platform.

Past Events

SAS M2009 Data Mining Conference

October 26-27 in Las Vegas, NV
SAS and Aster Data will present "Advanced Analytics on Multi-Terabyte Datasets" on Tuesday, October 27, explaining how the tight coupling of SQL and MapReduce provided by Aster Data creates new ‘big data’ analytics opportunities when combined with SAS. Aster representatives will exhibit throughout the event.

Business Intelligence in the Cloud: Scaling Your Data Warehouse Cost-Effectively with Aster Data" webinar

October 21
Amazon Web Services and Aster Data explain how to scale your data warehouse cost-efficiently without impacting performance. Learn how ShareThis, an online content share services company, analyzes their data in a multi-terabyte system in the cloud for huge cost savings and performance improvements.

Mastering MapReduce Webinar Series

Session 1: “Big Data Reality: The Role of MapReduce in Big Data Management and Analysis”

October 15
Register for this on-demand webcast, in which industry analyst Curt Monash explains the basics of MapReduce, key uses cases, and which industries and applications are heavily using MapReduce. Also, Monash includes recommendations for integrating MapReduce in an enterprise business intelligence and data warehousing environment.

Oracle OpenWorld 2009

October 11-15 in San Francisco, CA
Aster will demonstrate rich analytics run on its nCluster database.

Big Data Summit

October 1 in New York City
Aster Data, Informatica, and MicroStrategy put together an informal evening event to discuss advancements in data warehousing and big data management. Similar to ScaleCamp, where 100s of folks attended, Big Data Summit showcased some of the most innovative uses of Hadoop and other complementary solutions that harness the power of big data. Presenters included Jonathan Goldman, former Principal Scientist for LinkedIn, Michael Brown and Will Duckworth, EVP of Software Engineering and Director of Software Engineering for comScore, and Colin White, President and Founder of BI Research. Big Data Summit was colocated with Hadoop World: NYC.

ComputerWorld BI Perspectives

September 15-16 in Chicago, IL
Mike Jones, COO of MySpace, discussed how MySpace warehouses more than 7 billion daily events from 120 million users. Aster representatives exhibited throughout the event.

August 24-28 in Lyon, France

Aster Data presented on improving join throughput in large-scale, high-concurrency data warehouses, as well as how SQL-MapReduce functions overcome the limitations of user-defined functions.

TDWI World Conference

August 2-7 in San Diego, CA

Aster customer ShareThis spoke during the TDWI BI Executive Summit and Aster representatives exhibited at the World Conference.

GigaOM's Structure 09

June 25 in San Francisco, CA
Aster CTO Tasso Argyros joined the panel "From Databases to Dataspaces."

Business Objects New York Metropolitan Area User Group

June 3 in New York City
Aster Senior Director of Product Management Shawn Kung explained how Business Objects users can perform more new types of analytics with Aster nCluster In-Database MapReduce.

Web 3.0 Conference

May 19-20 in New York City
Aster CEO Mayank Bawa joined the panel "Exploring the Implications of Massive Computing Power in the Cloud."

TDWI World Conference

May 3-8 in Chicago, IL
Aster representatives exhibited May 5-6.

"MapReduce for Data Warehousing and Analytics" webinar

March 19
Learn how In-Database MapReduce can create competitive advantages through in-depth analytics for a variety of industries, including telecommunications, retail, finance, and government. Featured speakers are Anand Rajaraman, Founder of Kosmix and Consulting Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, and Shawn Kung, Senior Director of Product Management for Aster Data Systems.

Gartner Business Intelligence Summit

March 9-11 in National Harbor, MD
Aster representatives exhibited and demoed nCluster, and MySpace and Aster presented on data warehousing for mission-critical applications.

TDWI World Conference

Feb. 22-27 in Las Vegas, NV
Aster representatives will exhibit Feb. 24-25.

TDWI Northwest Chapter Panel

Jan. 29 in Bellevue, WA
Aster Architect Daniel Faria joined a panel of data warehousing providers and innovators to discuss the next generation of approaches to data warehousing.

MicroStrategy World 2009

Jan. 13-16 in Las Vegas, NV
Aster representatives demoed MicroStrategy tools on top of an nCluster database.

USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation

Dec. 8-10 in San Diego, CA
Aster CTO George Candea presented on "Deadlock Immunity: Enabling Systems to Defend Against Deadlocks."


Dec. 7 in San Diego, CA
Aster CTO George Candea presented "Toward Quantifying System Manageability."

TDWI Fall 2008 World Conference

Nov. 2-7 in New Orleans, LA
Aster CTO Tasso Argyros presented the Night School session "Introduction to MapReduce Data Transformations."

Defrag 2008

Nov. 3-4 in Denver, CO
Aster CEO Mayank Bawa explained how businesses can be "Leveraging Data to form Closed-Loop Decision Processes."

Net.Finance East

Oct. 28-29 in New York City
Aster representatives discussed how financial services marketers can benefit by leveraging massive data sets for deep customer and market insights.

Business Objects User Conference

Oct. 20-22 in Dallas, TX
Aster joined partner Analytics 8 at the conference, and Aster Technical Sales Manager Richard Reynolds presented techniques for making Xcelsius dashboards faster and smarter.

Analytics 8 Roundtable Discussion

Oct. 2 in Chicago, IL
Aster CTO Tasso Argyros will join the discussion on real-time data warehousing, ever-increasing data volumes, enterprise BI, and dashboards that go beyond flash. Click the above logo to register.

TDWI World Conference

Aug. 20 in San Diego, CA
Aster CTO Tasso Argyros joined the discussion on how data warehouse appliances can help you solve your business intelligence challenges.

CableLabs Summer Conference 2008

Aug. 10-13 in Keystone, CO
Aster representatives demonstrated how the cable industry can leverage the massive amounts of data generated by the digitization of television to gain deep customer insights for optimized marketing and pricing.

GigaOM's Structure 08

June 25 in San Francisco, CA
Aster CEO Mayank Bawa joined a panel of industry leaders and visionaries to provide his view of the Internet infrastructure of the future.

Top Picks
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Webcast: Bringing Big Data Analytics to the Enterprise - 11/12, with Merv Adrian
Webinar: Service Oriented 'Analytics' - 11/19, with James Kobelius