Aster Data MapReduce DW Appliance

Traditional massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse appliances struggle to cost-effectively keep pace with the explosion in data and rich analytics required by today's data-driven organizations.

High-priced proprietary server hardware and interconnects put the power of MPP out of reach of many organizations and make upgrades and scaling painful for the rest – until now.

Change the Economics of Data Warehouse Appliances

The Aster Data MapReduce Data Warehouse Appliance makes Aster Data 4.0 very easy to deploy. It empowers you to make better data-driven decisions on large amounts of data faster and cheaper than any other solution in the market.

With the Aster Data appliance series you get:

  • A fundamentally lower-cost and more flexible architecture
  • Lower operating costs
  • Analytic power

Aster Data leads the industry in CPU-to-disk and Memory-to-Disk ratios

Key Benefits

Fundamentally lower-cost architecture

  • True commodity-grade servers and interconnects
  • Low $50k entry price for Express Edition: up to 1TB user data
  • Enterprise Edition: up to 1PB on commodity HW

Lower operating costs

  • Intuitive admin console: visibility and easy control
  • Live administration while system is online
  • High availability: online fault-tolerance and recovery

Analytic power

  • Compute-rich hardware with high ratio of CPU and RAM to disk
  • Analytic expressiveness through both SQL and open-language support
  • Integrated SQL-MapReduce framework increases query performance by 9x or more when compared with other SQL-only systems

Do More with the Aster Data MapReduce DW Appliance

Learn more, build your own, or ask about getting started with the Aster Data MapReduce Data Warehouse Appliance.

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Many companies are interested in leveraging MapReduce, but want to use relational database products to harness this innovation. By embedding MapReduce parallel data processing inside Aster Data 4.0, and providing SQL integration, Aster is not only bringing the powerful expressiveness of MapReduce to developers that already know SQL, but is also enabling the push-down of procedural code right where the data is stored, to leverage the data scalability that MapReduce can provide data-driven applications.

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Colin White