The Aster Data Ecosystem

Aster Data integrates with leading BI tools, packaged analytic applications, ETL solutions, and Hadoop. Aster Data software runs on any commodity hardware platform including Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun. Aster Data nCluster Cloud Edition runs on Amazon Web Services and AppNexus.

Enterprises can take advantage of the following integrations available with Aster Data nCluster 4.0

  • BI and Data Integration:

    • Aqua Data Studio
    • IBM Cognos
    • Informatica
    • Jaspersoft
    • MicroStrategy
    • NCR
    • Oracle
    • Pentaho
    • SAP Business Objects
    • SAS
  • Packaged/hosted Apps:
    • CadenceQuest
    • NCR
    • BVI
    • FNIS
  • Apache Hadoop:
    2-way data connector between Aster Data and Hadoop for ultra-fast, parallelized data transfer
  • Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructure:
    • Amazon Web Services
    • AppNexus
    • VMware
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