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Mastering MapReduce Webinar Series, Session 1 - “Big Data Reality: The Role of MapReduce in Big Data Management and Analysis"
Industry analyst Curt Monash explains the basics of MapReduce, key uses cases, and which industries and applications are heavily using MapReduce.

CableLabs Summer '08
Aster presents its nCluster database to the cable industry.

Forrester Webinar: Best Practices for Scaling the Next-Generation Data Warehouse
James Kobielus, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, discusses his latest research around scaling data warehouses to support today’s data-driven businesses, including how to: Scale your EDW through parallelism; Accelerate your EDW with appliances; Optimize your EDW’s distributed storage layer; Get more value from your data through in-database analytics.

Establishing an Always-On Data Warehouse for Mission-Critical Applications
Gartner and Aster explain how an "always on" data warehouse gives your business a competitive edge.

MapReduce for Data Warehousing and Analytics
Anand Rajaraman, CEO and Founder of Kosmix and Consulting Assistant Professor in the Stanford University Computer Science Department, and Aster describe practical applications of In-Database MapReduce.

In-Database MapReduce
An overview and demonstration of In-Database MapReduce.

Next-Generation BI: Scaling Up to Support Large-Scale Reporting and Analytics
TDWI and Aster discuss the requirements for scaling your data system as part of the TDWI Webinar Series.

Data Warehousing in the Cloud is Here
ShareThis describes how they have implemented the largest data warehouse on Amazon EC2 with the help of Amazon Web Services and Aster nCluster.

Total Cost of Ownership
Aster provides the industry's lowest TCO by addressing the four main costs in owning a data warehouse - hardware, administration, scaling, and downtime.

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Webcast: Bringing Big Data Analytics to the Enterprise - 11/12, with Merv Adrian
Webinar: Service Oriented 'Analytics' - 11/19, with James Kobelius