Research Papers on MapReduce, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence

This resource contains published academic papers written by Aster Data Systems employees about the challenges facing the data community.

Analytic Power

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  • Recursive Restartability: Turning the Reboot Sledgehammer into a Scalpel
  • Reducing Recovery Time in a Small Recursively Restartable System
  • Crash-Only Software
  • Recovery-Oriented Computing: Building Multitier Dependability
  • Microreboot - A Technique for Cheap Recovery
  • Improving Availability with Recursive Microreboots: A Soft-State System Case Study
  • Autonomous Recovery in Componentized Internet Applications
  • Toward Self-Healing Multitier Services
  • The Price of Validity in Dynamic Networks
  • Transience of Peers and Streaming Media
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  • DART: Distributed Automated Regression Testing for Large-Scale Network Applications
  • Combining Visualization and Statistical Analysis to Improve Operator Confidence and Efficiency for Failure Detection and Localization
  • A Scalable, Sound, Eventually-Complete Algorithm for Deadlock Immunity
  • Predictable Software - A Shortcut to Dependable Computing?
  • Middleware-based Replication: The Gaps Between Theory and Practice
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  • PlanetLab: An Overlay Testbed for Broad-coverage Services
  • User-Centric Performance Analysis of Market-Based Cluster Batch Schedulers
  • Distributed Hash Queues: Architecture and Design
  • OnCall: Defeating Spikes with a Free-Market Application Cluster
  • Online Balancing of Range-Partitioned Data with Applications to Peer-to-Peer Systems
  • Peer-to-Peer Research at Stanford
  • Symphony: Distributed Hashing in a Small World
  • Locality-Aware Request Distribution in Cluster-based Network Servers
  • Soft Timers: Efficient Microsecond Software Timer Support for Network Processing
  • Efficient Support for P-HTTP in Cluster-Based Web Servers
  • Cluster Reserves: A Mechanism for Resource Management in Cluster-based Network Servers
  • The SawMill Framework for Virtual Memory Diversity
  • Distributed File Organization with Scalable Cost/Performance
  • A Performance Model of a Design for a Minimally Replicated Distributed Database for Database-Driven Telecommunications Services
  • DERBY: A Memory Management System for Distributed Main Memory Databases
  • Snowball: Scalable Storage on Networks of Workstations with Balanced Load
  • Architectural Considerations for Efficient Software Execution on Parallel Microprocessors
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