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A New Approach for Large-Scale Data Management and Data Analysis
The future of competitive advantage lies in managing and analyzing all the critical data entering a business environment. Download this Whitepaper to learn how you can bring big data analytics to your organization, quickly and cost-effectively using Aster Data nCluster, The First MPP Database with Applications Inside.

Unlocking the Full Power of Massive Parallelism: Solving the Network Bottleneck in MPP Databases
Aster nCluster is optimized logically and physically for network efficiencies to provide a fast, scalable database platform.

Aster nCluster In-Database MapReduce: Deriving Deep Insights from Large Datasets
Aster In-Database MapReduce combines the power of MapReduce with the strengths of relational databases for fast analysis and transformations of structured data.

High Performance Risk Data Management and Analytics
Risk management is an increasingly critical function as financial firms and regulators deal with the current economic crisis.

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